When plans get cancelled…


This morning our plans got cancelled last minute….A very few short years ago this would have thrown me into a tizzy, the ever type A. But instead here’s what happened –

Oh, hmmm…ok I have free time this morning.

More coffee in the coffee pot for me! Ha!

Ug…my toddler will now likely be very needy of me (not a bad thing, well sort of a bad thing….let’s just call it a thing).

How can I fix this time?  Should I bundle the boys up and take them to Home Goods? (tell me I’m not alone…).  Our mantle is in some serious need of decorating, not to mention the rest of our home, but no, no, this is not a good solution.  It’s cold, and I don’t have a plan yet – meaning I will just wander aimlessly around the store with a very glazed over expression.  Not a good combination (read: disaster) when a toddler and an infant are vying for my attention (more on planning for decorating later).

Fighting the urge to fill the time. growth. Accepting that downtime is productive too. growth. A willingness to do nothing special but everything special at the same time. growth.

A decision to get out my camera and capture some shots of the kiddos. Our oldest, just last night, learned how to smile big on request…we’re in trouble.  Our youngest now rolling over, say whaa?IMG_0831

A decision to ignore my phone completely for the next 2 hours – choosing to see this extra time as a gift.  I succeeded by the way – not a given.

Books read, play dough everywhere, and a fashion show featuring my toddler while trying to organize his clothes for the next 2 years (Facebook FSOT groups have become my lifeblood). And, sorry hon, I did just call it a fashion show

Learning to lean in to a normal day rather than fight against it…everyday is beautiful, right?

How do you respond when plans are changed last minute? Can we choose to see the time as a gift…perhaps the way it was always meant to be?



2 thoughts on “When plans get cancelled…

  1. Siobhan A.

    Im really enjoying your blog posts Steph! They are making me smile. Your kiddos are the absolute cutest. Miss you and our donut dates!

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