IMG_1390So can we talk about baby feet for the next 10 minutes?  I mean seriously!  Jerrod just text to say that he couldn’t make it home early and my response was, “That’s ok…I just spent the last 30 minutes taking pictures of little man grabbing his feet…#fortheblog” !!!  Now that I think about it…big bummer – I like having him home early, but at that moment…BABY FEET!

IMG_1356Our youngest found his feet just yesterday.  He’s a little less than 4 months, so he’s following in his brother’s footsteps, quite literally, when it comes to this milestone.

He was on his changing table when I saw him grab his feet for the first time.  I immediately sent a text to Jerrod.  “He found his feet!!”

IMG_1349I caught myself thinking, holy cow I can’t believe I noticed the first time he grabbed his feet. I needed proof…hence the text, I noticed! He’s the 2nd child and I still noticed! Thank you Lord for causing me to be present in this tiny moment. In all honesty, I can’t believe I even was in the room for this. Mornings are crazy around here, some more than others.

The blessing of seeing our youngest grab his feet for the first time (please no one point out the fact that this could have been the 10th time, and I may have just missed the first 9…shhhhhhh) made me think about what led to this milestone. There was almost 4 months of growing, strengthening, hand/eye coordination, etc. 4 months is light-years in babyland. And judging by the way he started grinning when I started clapping and smiling and jumping up and down, it must have meant a lot to him that I was there to notice…that I celebrated.


(Taking the focus off the babe for 1 second…Target definitely got the best of me today..throw pillows!  A bird pillow, really Steph?…Help! just kidding, don’t help).

IMG_1425We work so hard for small changes…let’s share them.  Let’s celebrate them!  I am so thankful for the milestones I notice…the milestones I am present for.


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