Status updates…

I was chatting with friends last night about how it’s rare to share facebook status updates the way we did 5 years ago.  Mixed feelings…I don’t miss the personal platform for complaining (see previous post), but sometimes it’s nice to hear a bit more about the everyday.

In the spirit of status updates here are a few headlines from our life lately:

1. We’re in the midst of the stage where Ryan can sit up in his crib but can’t figure out how to lay back down again. #nosleepforanyone 🙂

2. Jackson is now potty trained – yay!  But this also means we are perpetually out of hand soap (he loves washing his hands, with “all the soap mommy”).  Inspired by a friend, I made my own hand soap this morning!  Definitely not rocket science, and very cost effective.

3. My doTERRA business is growing – It’s happening!  I’ve found my central purpose around helping others (and myself) create a life of ABUNDANCE – defined very simply as the ability to be outward focused, to SERVE.

4. Wildtree continues to feed us… I hosted a workshop in May and scored a bunch of discounted/free boxes of goodies.  For anyone who doesn’t know what Wildtree is, it’s brilliant freezer meal planning/prep and we’ve really enjoyed the meals. Check it out! Christen Miller can hook you up –

5. Our next door neighbors are such a blessing…last night we had dinner on their picnic table where we all brought our own dinners.  When I suggested it to their 7 year old she looked at me wide-eyed like thatsoundslikethebestideaever and after asking me twice if I was serious, she ran to ask her mom.  What a treat.  Their girls love my boys and are always saying the cutest things like, “I think Ryan wants me to hold him a little…”  Maybe you have to hear it, but it’s just the best.  My boys love them too.  “The neighbors are home, the neighbors are home, play outside with the neighbors?”…it never ends but I don’t mind a bit.

 6. July was full of time with my side of the family – we got so spoiled having the cousins all together.  There are 2 sets of cousin twins.  Jackson and our niece are 3 days apart, and then 2 years later, Ryan and our nephew are 18 days apart.  It is so cute, and so much work.  Anyone that actually has two sets of twins back to back, Godblessyou.

 7. Photo shoots by me…a million pictures, and like, 1-2 good ones.  Hopefully it’ll get easier, or my boys will get still-er, or I’ll keep learning how to deal.

8. So thankful for you all!  I’ve had so many rich conversations lately and it’s what makes my world go round.

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