My Boys…Being Content at Home

When I was growing up, my mom talked a lot about the need to be content at home…because I definitely wasn’t and she could see that in me (my mom is the best!).  I could never understand why she hated errands so much.  I LOVED them – loved running around town, and never said no to an opportunity to be with friends.  Looking back, I missed out on too much family time.  As the oldest child, I can barely remember watching my brothers growing up because  I was always gone and regret that immensely now.  Years later, I’m thankful that the Lord has a way of gently teaching me the lessons that I need to learn.  I’m now a mom of 2 beautiful babes (wow!!), and getting out of the house is more difficult than ever before.  So difficult, that most days I just stay home!  Thank goodness I’ve discovered the beauty of Amazon (hello free shipping!) to do errands for me.

Although I don’t mind staying home in the same way I used to, I’m still learning how to occupy my time at home in a way that is meaningful.  I don’t mean meaningful like “How to save the world” meaningful, but how do I go about the everyday in a way that touches hearts, kisses boo-boos, and truly SEE’s the beauty that’s around me.  That’s what I feel inspired to write about – the everyday that “Awakes My Eyes.”  I’m working on being intentional with my boys…putting down my iPhone (so hard!), really reading stories to them with emotion rather than just reading the words but not really hearing them myself, and creating opportunities to be intentional with friends and my family.  The way I start my day and the environment I create as a homemaker has a lot to do with how settled my soul feels on any given day.  I’ll be writing about life – everything from motherhood and friendships, to my obsession with hand soaps (yes, it’s a thing) and decorating (TBD if my attempt to grow plants for our many windowsills will work or fail miserably!).  I love finding the beauty in the every day and hope I inspire you to do the same.  Hugs friends!


3 thoughts on “My Boys…Being Content at Home

  1. Sarah Pinter

    Love it! As an oldest child I can so relate to regretting time spent away from my siblings/family when younger and learning from that now as a newish stay-at-home mom and homemaker. Contentment of soul and intentional living can be challenging, but oh so rewarding in those rare moments I get it right. Thanks for sharing! Will be following.

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