See these plants? I met a wonderful woman in a parking lot yesterday.

Her husband passed away, she said. “I’m downsizing.” We exchanged words, glances, my heart ached for her. Into my hands from hers she placed 5 large houseplants, one at a time.   Before I could even ask she talked about how to care for each one – gentle instruction. She watched me place them in my vehicle – skeptical that I could fit them all amongst my jogging stroller and 2 children, hesitant even.

I reassured her of the space we had for them, that I would care for them, that I was grateful for them.


One at a time I carried them into our home, placing them carefully in a temporary resting spot in our dining room. With each plant I counted my blessings – overwhelmed at the abundance that she provided, at no cost, to a stranger she’d never met. You see – it’s not just these plants – it’s everything.


From the very first time I stepped foot into this house – now our home – I knew I loved it – it felt like home. It’s a 1920’s colonial and was desperately in need of love and care – a fixer-upper to put it lightly. I was standing in the doorway of the 3-season room when the first teardrop fell. Really God? If this is why no other home worked out (house hunting had been a process), then pinch me now. “Pretty-pretty please God?” I timidly whispered.

We prayed – relinquishing control, put in an offer an hour later, and it was accepted that night. Whaa??

Our home is far from finished. We joke that my gift for the next 10 or more (maybe forever) birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmases will be him “making our house into a home.” Knowing the dedication and skill that this has required – I won’t complain (ok…maybe just a little).

So back to the plants – Never mind my lack of green thumb, I knew I needed to find a way to fill the 3-season room with life. I planned to beg my beautiful friend for help (see previously post :-)). I never expected that a stranger would hand me 5 full-grown houseplants. I never could have imagined the help we would receive from our friends and neighbors – the random and beautiful and necessary timing of it all. One random provision after another – we were cared for, ever so abundantly.

It’s surreal to sit in our living room and think – over there, right there, is where my first tear fell – with a heart full of understanding that everything random isn’t random at all…



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